Preserve our cultural and historic heritage for now and the generations to come.

Hellingly Church sits on a saxon mound; only clearly seen from the air – “a Church on a Ciric.

It is circular with four gates and paths forming the ancient symbol of the Cross and was first recorded by the White Canons who based their preaching and missionary work in the area from 1180.

Joseph Davey designed its current bell tower replacing ‘a mean wooden spire’. In 1837 a gilded tower clock was added to mark Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne which chimed the hours for schoolchildren and farm workers and this clock continues to chime for the parish today.

The church has been photographed, sketched and painted for centuries – it is a place of artistic beauty.

It is history in stone. For 800+ years, this Grade I listed church has played an important part in the family history of many in our community, as countless numbers have attended for christenings, weddings and funerals.

Each day visitors from far and wide come to share in this history, seek tranquillity and rekindle family memories.

St. Peter and St.Paul’s Church Hellingly needs friends to help in times of need – such as when the roof leaks and the walls sag. If we let the church fall down we shall be labelled cultural vandals.

Please become a ‘Friend of Hellingly Church’

Our predecessors enjoyed; we enjoy; let our successors enjoy too.


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